Disaster Prevention / Mitigation / Recovery

Guarding land, life, culture, history, and property from disasters

Natural disasters have occurred frequently around the world over recent years, from earthquakes to tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, heavy rains, floods, and landslides. Sounding a warning early on, GIKEN SEKO has been proposing preventive measures and recovery technologies based on the Implant™ Method, under the Guard Method™ and Rescue Method™ names, and developing a track record in Japan and overseas.

With the Great East Japan Earthquake providing an unexpected verification of these methods, the use of the Implant Method, which enables rapid construction of resilient disaster-mitigation infrastructure, has spread across Japan. Providing Functional Structure™ that promise to deliver the required functions, where and for as long as they are required, GIKEN SEKO is contributing to long-term continuation of business and society.

Applications of the Implant Method protecting companies from disaster

Guard Method

Waterproof barriers around facilities to prevent water inflows and material discharges

Confined ground seismic dampers

Dampers around critical infrastructure to prevent liquefaction-induced subsidence and lateral slippage

Functional Structure lease/rental

A unique approach to leasing/renting Functional Structure