Providing the know-how to achieve success onsite, and addressing issues in society through popularization of the Press-in Method

GIKEN SEKO has brought together and systematized construction know-how that it acquired around the world.
From planning in advance of construction to arranging equipment and materials and managing construction, the company has the technologies and knowledge for achieving success in various types of worksites.
It is contributing to solutions for social issues globally, and to national disaster mitigation schemes, through an accurate understanding and popularization of the Press-in Method.

Construction planning

Advance planningSurveys of sites, reviews of construction, creation of construction plans, creation of operating budgets
Preparation of equipment and materialsCreation of preparation lists, special auxiliary items

Onsite guidance

Machine operationOperation, auto operation settings
SetupTo enable workers to concentrate on press-in work
ManagementWork output management, work progress control