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The Implant Method™ Revolutionizing the Global Construction Industry

Creating new value in construction to realize a safe and secure society

The GIKEN Group was founded in 1967 with a dream of bringing mechanization and environmentally-friendly methods to construction. In 1975, GIKEN developed the SILENT PILER™ as the first ever environmentally-friendly pile press-in machine. It also established the Press-in Method of pile installation, which is a vibration- and noise-free method of construction that enables accurate placement of piles in a safe and compact space.
Since then, the Group has remained at the leading edge of a construction revolution that is changing construction globally. It has created a number of new construction methods and techniques based on the advantages of the press-in principle, and it provides high-quality press-in technologies from its position as head of the press-in movement.

Social business for the future

GIKEN Group is contributing to the creation of a sustainable society, where the environment and civilization can coexist, by using its extensive experience and development capabilities to provide optimal solutions to society’s many issues.

Making the impossible possible

The GIKEN Group has outstanding capabilities in terms of construction solutions, technical development, and construction management.
Based on its extensive experience, it is overcoming the constraints of sites that are generally impossible with any other construction method.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile