Corporate Philosophy

High-level Compliance with New Construction Method

GIKEN promotes the Construction Revolution to establish new standards of delivery which surpass the current conventional approach.
Through consistent adherence to the “Five Construction Principles”, which includes consideration of environmental protection, safety, speed, economy and aesthetics in the form of a balanced equilateral pentagon, GIKEN works diligently to deliver a balanced approach to projects.
The balance is achieved by giving equal weight to the five principles at each stage of a project from conception through planning, design and construction phases.

Implementing the “New 3Ks”

Japanese companies in the construction industry traditionally talk about the “3 Ks” of workplaces, being kitsui, kitanai, and kiken (difficult, dirty, and dangerous). As a leader of the new construction industry, GIKEN SEKO is advocating the new behavioral metrics of kakko-yoku, kashi-koku, and kimeta-tori-ni; the “New 3 Ks.”

Improving the working environment

Maintaining a clean and tidy working environment, from both physical and mental perspectives, enables work to be carried out accurately, safely, and efficiently. Improving the working environment has always been a pillar of corporate culture of GIKEN SEKO.

M&M, a fusion of man and machine

Machines and tools help people do the things they cannot do by themselves. GIKEN Group implements an M&M (man and machine) policy of improving quality and productivity by appreciating machines and tools, and carefully maintaining them to ensure they continue delivering 100% of their original functionality.